PondsRus Design & Build Services

PondsRUs are able to provide a design, build, and maintain your pond or lake to your exact specifications. Using our professional knowledge and skills we can create an awesome home for you beloved Koi. Below are some examples of recent builds. Please call us on 0771 470 7118 or email us at: Richard@PondsRus.Biz

Small Tank Project


Start of the dig

Base and block work well under way

Block work taking shape

Block work to required height and 100 gallon vortex waiting to go in

Bottom drain in and slopping base

Insulation and soft wall protection

Vortex and 4 bay Kockney Koi Filtration system

Wood effect stone capping

Phase one completed

A reclaimed 8m x 5m conservatory was used

Roof frame on

Phase 2 completed


Pro Line heating system showing water temp and temp in koi house

Floating skimmer (click here to see in action)

Inside of koi house nearly completed

80ft Diameter Pond Project


Digger Dave gets to work like a sculpture!

Drainage pipe work for two aerated drains

2 x 4" Bottom drains installed for flushing if required










Box welded Butyl liner laid in

Bottom drain fixed and sealed

Gravity fed filtration

Decking surround completed

Start of phase 2. Construction of Koi House

Walls in place

Roof panels going in

Proclear UV and air pump

UVO Upgrade (click here to see in action)

Waterfall and removable jump wall